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The Top Ten

Reasons "Why" People Get

Psychic Readings

You probably have been considering getting a psychic reading done at some point in your life, but something or perhaps "someone" has been holding you back. Choosing to receive the messages that come to you via another person who is psychically gifted is important. If you have ever wondered "why" a person gets a psychic reading here is the list of the top ten reasons "why" psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, believes that people choose to have a psychic reading done by her.


The Top Ten

1. Curiosity


For some people the choice to get a psychic reading is as simple as a normal and healthy curiosity that brings him or her to a point within their life path where a psychic reading interests them.

2. Grief

Most people think of death as the only cause of grief and yet our life paths are filled with many other events that can become the catalyst for genuine grief.


3. Absence of Connection to the Universe

This represents the feeling that some of us recognize as a sense that we have become aware that we do not feel “we belong.” That may come from a feeling of disconnect from a base of religious ties, family ties, and/or ties from a community as a whole.


4. Seeking Specific Answers

No matter what questions a person might have there are times in each of our lives when we are seeking answers from “outside” of ourselves.


5. Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This one requires a visual aid as too often people begin to feel as though there is no way to get themselves out of a difficult predicament, yet there is never a time or place when the Universe, angels, and spirit guides have failed to offer a helping hand during a psychic reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker. Quite often Robin Jayne Dedeker has found that people who once felt helpless and without a sense of hope are able to view their personal “rock and a hard place” from a new perspective. And with the newfound perspective that can come through a psychic reading a person can make the choice to heal as the Universe allows.


6. The Unknown

Humankind is filled with people whose inner selves hunger for more knowledge and who long for a better understanding of that which is deemed “the unknown.” This falls into the same category as “why” so many people have an unquenchable thirst, an overwhelming interest, in outer space and in the farthest reaches of the universe.


7. Confirmation of One's Own Sense of Intuition

Many people come to a psychic reading having already received one or more pieces of his or her specific intuitive guidance. That said, sometimes we humans have the tendency to “push away” whatever intuitive messages or spiritual guidance we may have personally become aware of in our lives, often not trusting our innate intuitive abilities. But in those moments when a reliable, professional, psychic medium also receives and conveys the same information during a psychic reading—and without any prior discussion—a client often receives his or her confirmation of his or her intuition. Such validations are invaluable at helping people to start trusting their personal moments of intuition.


8. Judgement and Persecution

Once in a blue moon a person will choose to get a psychic reading simply because he or she does not accept within their spirit, mind, or body that the Universe, angels, and spirit guides really do interact on the Earthly plane of existence. In those rare cases where a client attends a psychic reading with the intention to cast harsh judgement upon any (and often all) psychic mediums, Robin Jayne Dedeker has found that God always has her back. Proof of spirit is always conveyed within the messages in all psychic readings. No one will ever be allowed to persecute another for any reason. There are always karmic repercussions. The Universe gives each of us free will as well as the United States of America affords its citizens a multitude of freedoms, including freedom of speech and the freedom to choose one’s path within the context of religion or spirituality. Whether or not a person chooses to open his or her heart to all of this remains as their personal choice.


9. The Search for Inner Peace

There are a surprising number of people who make the choice to get a psychic reading because their personal life journeys require them to try both traditionally accepted methods of healing as well as to sample alternative, holistic types of healing modalities. For those people, the search for inner peace often requires the Universe, angels, and spirit guides to bring him or her to a credible psychic medium for an incredible experience via a psychic reading.


10. Life's Problems Have Become Too Magnified

Most of us can relate well to this one as there are times when we are “too close” to some situation or event in our lives and that can easily distort what we perceive. Here is a good visual example of that problem:


In the photo (above) an Alaskan glacier appears to be so close that its devastation might soon be upon us. In the same way some of the life challenges that the Universe places squarely within our life paths appear to be imminent in overwhelming us or our loved ones. Through the efforts of a professional psychic medium a person can often begin to understand the need to “step back” within his or her life path in order to see the bigger picture. In this way Robin Jayne Dedeker has helped many clients to gain a more positive and spiritual perspective on life events.


Another twist on this concept occurs whenever a person perceives his or her personal life challenges with a sense of "gloom and doom" as this black and white photo of the Alaskan glacier (above) symbolizes. As in many of life’s difficult situations, a psychic reading with a reputable psychic medium can often help a person to view life through a new and more positive lens.


 So there you have it----the top tens reasons "why" a person would choose to get his or her personal psychic reading! Whatever your personal reasons might be today is the right day to schedule your Psychic Reading by Robin!

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