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What is a "psychic reading?"

A psychic reading is defined by Robin Jayne Dedeker as "A moment or series of moments in which a highly skilled psychically gifted person connects his or her spirit's energy with the energy of the person (or persons) whom are the focus of the psychic messages. The energy of each spirit contains everything that the psychic needs to access in those specific moments within that person(s) life path. The psychically gifted person is only allowed to "read" or to gain knowledge of the messages that the Universe/our Higher Power deems as necessary for the person's spiritual growth at that particular time in life. No psychic is ever given full access to any person(s) life path as each of us has life events from past, present, and future that would be considered as private between us and our Higher Power. That said, the amount of information that can be obtained through a psychic reading with a skilled and professional psychic can be powerfully healing, and at times, even life changing. Messages that are obtained through the focus and concentration on the energy of another person's spirit are also communicated to the gifted psychic by our Higher Power, by angels, by spirit guides, and if the psychic is also a medium, then messages can also be communicated by the spirits of loved ones."


While it is true that some psychics can only do a reading if a person is seated right in front of them, a highly skilled and trained psychic medium like Robin Jayne Dedeker has the ability to "read" a person's psychic energy from anywhere in the universe. Distance is no problem as the connection occurs between the energy of Robin's spirit within and whomever she is being guided by God to do a psychic reading for at that time. We are all made of energy that cannot be destroyed and as such, energy is the real element that makes psychic communication possible. Ultimately, it is not necessary for any person who wants a psychic reading to do anything more than to sit back and enjoy the reading! The proof of any psychic reading comes through the messages that are provided by the universe and validated in God's sense of perfect timing.


Questions? If you are going to have a psychic reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker and you have specific questions that you would like answered please write them down as the information that comes is quite rapid. In every psychic reading there will be topics covered by God, angels, and spirit guides that are specific to the person getting the reading. Robin Jayne Dedeker has no control over "what" information comes through and the importance of that message to the person who is to receive that message. Robin's faith has taught her that every psychic reading she does is perfect within the context of the person's life who is given that psychic reading.

I'm ready to book a psychic reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker! What do I do now?

That's great news! If you are a returning client, "Welcome back!"  If you are a new client who has never had a psychic reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker, you are in for a special and unique experience! As a highly gifted psychic medium Robin can "see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste" all that the Universe reveals to her on your behalf. Robin Jayne Dedeker is an excellent translator of any message that the Universe/God, angels, spirit guides, and occasionally the spirit of loved ones, brings through her psychic senses. Mrs. Dedeker is also a skilled communicator and as such she will not only be wide open to receiving your specific messages from the universe, but she will help you to understand them to the very best of her abilities.

First you need to choose "how" you want to participate in your personal Psychic Reading by Robin!

All of Robin Jayne Dedeker's psychic readings are now available in person or by phone! A third option is using Skype through your computer or tablet device. With Robin's high level of psychic energy distance is no problem so all three methods of receiving a psychic reading are effective. Clients can receive all of the benefits of a full psychic reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker, a gifted psychic medium, without having to leave the comfort of their homes! An in-person psychic reading is a great option if you live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota or will be visiting that area in the near future! Take a minute or two to decide which of those three options feels best for you . . . In-person . . . by Phone . . . or by Skype.


In-person Psychic Readings by Robin are done in her Psychic Parlor within her home. The address and complete directions will be provided upon completion of the payment process (see below.)

Should I be afraid of having someone "read" the energy messages that are meant for me to know?

Next you'll need to book a time slot for your personal

Psychic Reading by Robin!

It is very common for a person to experience a sense of nervousness or slight apprehension when he or she has their first psychic reading done by any psychically gifted person. That said, it is also very common for clients of Robin's to give her a great big hug once she is done with their psychic reading because it is such an amazingly positive experience. Sometimes people laugh, sometimes they cry, but always they go away with a whole lot to think about and to reflect upon.

What psychic abilities does Robin Jayne Dedeker have?


Once you have made the choice to get a psychic reading you must contact Robin Jayne Dedeker (or her staff) to book an appointment time slot. You will want to book your appointment as soon as possible so that you can reserve the time slot that is most convenient for you within Robin's availability. Morning and afternoon time slots are available Monday through Friday. There are also limited time slots available for evening and weekend appointments. Call 952-426-4177 now to schedule your psychic reading appointment.

Last you'll need to pre-pay for your personal

Psychic Reading by Robin!

What are some good reasons to get a psychic reading done?

Choosing to get a psychic reading is always a very personal decision, often a person will have a hard time trying to explain to his or her loved ones exactly "why" they want to have the experience of a psychic reading. Over the course of many years working as a psychic medium Robin Jayne Dedeker has discovered that there are ten main reasons "why" most of us require a psychic reading at least once in our lives. Those ten reasons are listed on the web page of this site called "The Top Ten."

Click here to learn more about the top ten reasons most people get a psychic reading done.

To hold your chosen appointment time you will be required to pre-pay for your personal Psychic Reading by Robin.  The cost is $150.00 USD and for your convenience that fee can be prepaid online using PayPal.







If you do not wish to pay online you can send a Money Order or Cashiers Check for $150.00 payable to: Robin J. Dedeker, Psychic Author. No personal checks accepted.


Mail to: Robin J. Dedeker

                PO Box 322

                Shakopee, MN 55379


*Note: Payment must be received 48 hours prior to appointment. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call 952-426-4177 to reschedule, however due to availability you may have to wait longer for a new appointment.


Upon receipt of payment you will be contacted  to confirm your appointment and the address and driving directions will be provided for all in-person readings. If you have chosen Skype or a phone reading, please confirm your contact information with Robin Jayne Dedeker (or staff) when asked. Thank you and enjoy your personal Psychic Reading by Robin!

"The Psychic Parlor"

Did you have a personal Psychic Reading by Robin done and want to share your experience on her "Mail" web page? Just go to the "Contact Robin" page of this web site and send her a brief comment. Robin Jayne Dedeker loves to hear respectful feedback from her clients!

Robin Jayne Dedeker also does "on site" psychic work upon request

Robin Jayne Dedeker, psychic medium and author has full use of her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. She can access any psychic information that is meant for her clients at the time of their personal psychic reading. The Universe, angels, and spirit guides work hand-in-hand with Robin Jayne Dedeker to assist her in making your personal psychic reading a positive experience. Robin's psychic ability as a medium allows her to pass on occasional messages from our lost loved ones, including pets who have crossed over.

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