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Psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, receives letters, emails, and calls from her readers and clients all year long! Let's take a look at what some of her clients and readers have to say . . .


    Dear Robin . . .


"I ordered your 1st and 5th book from Amazon and they arrived in Friday's mail. I started reading Moments of Intuition immediately and had finished it by Saturday af It was a good introduction into who you are and how you use your gifts... I then started Boots on the Stars that night and just finished it this morning!! It was a great read and I enjoyed the stories and lessons outlined in each chapter. I intend to order the Insights series and look forward to reading everything you publish. Thanks Robin for teaching us with your "children's books". P.S. I will start listening to and following my intuition more closely (always have, but never knew just how important it was), and I hope to open myself up more to seeing and living the path I was meant to follow. One more thing: I ordered the three Insight series books on Sunday as I already miss reading your stories . . . (Richard Blum, New Brighton, MN, USA)

"I did finish Moments Of Intuition - it certainly made me think and reflect a lot! At times I would have to put the book down and just think about things. You did a terrific job in your book - oh heck I bought a few books for my mom, sisters and sister-in-law because I liked it a lot." (Sue Werner, Anoka, MN, USA)

"Hi Robin this is Emilie we talked yesterday about my aunt. I sincerely wanted to thank you.  Being able to talk to you helped me. And I will be saving some money because I would love to meet you and hire you. You are amazingly smart and gifted. And I truly am grateful for your help. Thank you!"  (Emilie Meyers, Bloomington, MN, USA) *Note: Emilie's aunt had been abused, stalked, harassed, and felt as though she was in constant danger from an old boyfriend. Sadly, when Emilie and I met it was when her aunt went missing in Colorado. Before the end of our conversation the Universe/God allowed me to know that Emilie's aunt had committed suicide. Emilie received a call from her mother during our conversation that confirmed the psychic messages from God and angels. As a suicide survivor of her son Brady's death, as well as a survivor of abuse and stalking from a few men in her younger years, Robin Jayne Dedeker is one of the gifted psychic mediums who truly understands the situation that Emilie's aunt had found herself in. This was another one of those times when the Universe works hard to connect clients with Robin Jayne Dedeker in a moment of true need. If you or your loved ones is experiencing abuse from anyone, you may want to read chapter five of "Moments of Intuition through Life, Love, and Loss" and then follow your personal sense of intuitive guidance from the Universe.

"Thank you Robin. For your guidance for one thing! And I want to thank you for everything you are and everything you do to help others as well. You are an amazing woman!" (Stephanie T., Shakopee, MN, USA)

"Robin Dedeker's style, in writing and in life, is down-to-earth and genuine. I have worked with Robin for a number of years, and her insights have helped me see the world differently and positively.

       Moments of Intuition through Life, Love, and Loss is a useful guide for the person learning to see intuitively in everyday life. Robin takes readers through her own experiences and messages, showing how her gifts brought clarity and understanding to life's complexities and opened new doors to connect with others and with the universe." (Amy Quale, editor and writer, St. Peter, MN, USA)

"Having read 'Moments of Intuition Through Life, Love and Loss' I eagerly awaited Robin's next book.  I was thrilled to find that she had actually published four more, including her 'Insights' series!  As an author, Robin writes and passes along her experiences and knowledge of intuition and family in a way that is instantly relatable and easy to read.  She tackles even the most difficult of subjects with a direct, no-nonsense approach that is filled with heartaches, laughter and love.  She takes you with her on journeys through her life and through her words you'll find yourself reflecting on your own journey.  I can't wait to see what she writes next!"

(Brent D., MN, USA)

"Have you ever had someone cross your path in life and when you look back it feels as if they have always been there? I have never met Robin face-to-face, only spirit-to-spirit (and emails !) Her books touch something deep inside that makes you truly think deeper.  Robin and I have had several encounters regarding my daughter, Jessie, age 9, who passed from this life in 2008.  Robin's amazing sense of intuition and the sharing and healing she does with it is wonderful. One of the things that impressed me the most was her book "Moments of Intuition through Life, Love, and Loss" as she isn't trying to keep the gift she has for herself, but actually writes to her audience about how to further their own  gifts inside. She is amazing and God is using her in a great way to help others! I would recommend her books and her services beyond anyone else. She is a servant with the wonderful gifts she's been given." (Lisa, Chattanooga TN, USA)

"Robin's books are very well written, concise and to the point.  She gives many life examples and guides you to start listening to God's voice inside you, your intuition and put it to work in your life. Robin and I went to high school together, but we had not seen or talked to each other in 35 years.  When I suffered a terrible heartbreak and prayed for God to put someone/something right in front of my face so that I could get past the grief, Robin emailed the next day!  We began emailing and I very quickly realized God had sent Robin.  We talked on the phone and she confirmed so many of my intuitions about the situation and advised me in such a way that I was immediately relieved and able to move forward with my life.  Since then we have spoken many times and Robin has never failed to add dimension to my thought process and assist me in recognizing situations for what they are and what I must do to respond to them.  She reinforces and expands my own intuition." (Nanette N., Cottage Grove, MN, USA)

"The one psychic message I remember the most was when you sensed my need to talk to someone.  I was battling depression and had very little support during my husband's recovery.  Things were all upside down and I was using Facebook to channel my feelings and just reach out to talk to someone or just myself.  I don't have a great memory for things, but you called me and we talked about a number of things.  You shared how your life was impacted by the death of your son, family interactions that often would put up barriers to healing, and trusting your own instincts.  No one could understand what you were going through and that was true for everyone as they go through life's trials and tribulations.  They have our challenges to experience and although others could not understand what/where or how we could feel the way we felt, they (our feelings) were still valid and we had to find our own way through.  Trusting our hearts and our inner spirit is what will give us the strength to move forward.  You also sensed I had great strength of character and would be guided to do the right things, all in good time.  I had to be patient with myself and trust my instincts." (Roxanne D., San Diego, CA, USA)

"When I met Robin Jayne Dedeker thru a friend, I felt blessed to have her in my life! She came 'to my rescue' in a time where my heart was down trodden due to the loss of my 31 year old first born who passed suddenly of a large brain aneurysm. So full of life our Pamela was, volunteered many areas, worked full time, married only 10 1/2 months, trying to become pregnant, loved children, lived one block behind our home . . . she was my beautiful angel~One day, Robin called me & that began our journey of many, many contacts to discuss life, God, Pamela, Me, Robin's personal journey of her life & family . . . a wonderful woman who called me & not once has she asked anything of me in return....I want to sew her so many things to show my gratitude, I will someday give her a gift that will touch her heart to remind her of her son, Brady~The very first conversation I had with Robin, she said, "What's up with this yellow object Pam is showing me in her hand? It looks like a toy. A Duck?" I knew Exactly what that meant!!!!! I have a sewing room in my home, I decided to call it the Yellow Ducky Sewing Room . . . just a personal reference for myself as when Pamela was alive, she had many of her girlfriends experiencing pregnancy so there were Baby Showers galore....every gift Pam gave, she included little yellow, rubber duckies~It was like her 'trademark'. Pamela wanted me to pursue my passion of sewing, which I learned from my grandma Elsie Mueller. She would stock pretty purses I made in her trunk of her car & sell them to her friends, she would help me look for fabric in stores, she was always my 'cheerleader'. I decorated my Pamela's entire wedding. I BELIEVE my Pamela came through (psychically/in spirit) to show Robin a yellow ducky so that Robin could show me that my girl came through to let me know she is Always with me & encouraging me to do my passion . . . sew for others~ So, for the past 2 years, I have sewn so many items for others with only one request: Do not pay me for my services. But at some time in their busy lives to please donate to the Dane County Humane Society animal shelter dog food, cat food, old blankets . . . whatever they can afford to do & to tell the people working at the shelter that they are donating in Pamela's honor. My girl volunteered at that shelter, she found her fur baby Kirrah there and adopted her. When my daughter lost her own life force, she was home alone except her trusty companion, Kirrah, stayed at her side for many hours until Pamela's husband came home around 7:30 a.m. from work the next day to find her passed on . . . My girl has shown me many, many signs since her passing on . . . I am open to her spirit coming to me . . . Thousands of dollars have been donated ever since to the shelter in my girl's honor. The books Robin have written . . . are well worth purchasing and can be ordered online and in bookstores nationwide." (Anny Schepp, DeForest, WI, USA)

"I have been reading your books, my favorite so far is the King and I, (one of the chapters) in "Boots on the Stairs." I look forward to more stories with this positive and trusting vacations. (Margaret Olsson, Oregon, USA)

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