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Let Robin Jayne Dedeker's unique teaching methods, along with her books, assist you on your life path as you  learn to tune-in to the amazing intuitive guidance from the Universe/God, angels, and spirit guides. Allow Robin's expertise as a psychic medium and author to assist you in your personal spiritual growth. The spiritual insight Robin Jayne Dedeker has achieved as a  gifted psychic medium, wife, mother, grandmother, and as a creative, intelligent, and compassionate woman is boundless, and without judgement.


NOW is the right time to develop your intuition, and any psychic abilities that you may have within you, too!

"Finding the Foot-Thumbs"

An independent class

of self-examination

for ages 18+ years

Do you ever look back upon your early years in life and wonder "why" you made some of the choices that you did? Is it possible to "go back in time" and connect with one's Inner Infant, Inner Child, Inner Teenage Self, and Young Adult Self? Psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker has written her sixth book, "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS" as way by which her readers can look within his or her inner self to better relate to the spirit's journey from the womb to young adulthood. The rate at which humankind grows physically from infancy to adulthood is staggering, yet the ways by which each of us grows in spiritual knowledge during that same time period may astound you!


       "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS" is a book that will assist its readers in self-examination of the spirit within from the womb through the age of nineteen years. In that way, this book offers its readers the opportunity to utilize it as a tool to develop one's innate intuition to a stronger level. Readers can read each poem and then work through the accompanying "Intuition Assignments" that the author has developed in detail for this book!


       While many readers will choose to work independently as he or she further develops the amazing intuition that we are all born with, psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, has a positive suggestion for those who prefer to work in groups. Talk to your close friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to discover who else is interested in the topic of intuition. Form a small intuition study group amongst those of you who are interested in utilizing Robin's book "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS" as a study guide. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many people are intrigued with the study of our innate intuition!


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Private Tutoring Program

for Psychic Development

Do you often sense things before they happen? Have you "seen, heard, or felt" spirit activity? Are you a person who is ready to view life through the WIDE OPEN lens of intuition? If so, why not take your personal leap of faith and see if you have what it takes to live life fully by  developing and utilizing your innate intuition and any psychic abilities that you have within you!

This course is a one-on-one Private Tutoring Program for Psychic Development and is reserved for persons who have already purchased, and completely read, the following of Robin Jayne Dedeker's books:


        *Moments of Intuition through Life, Love, and Loss


        *Insightful by Design

        *Insights from the Darkness

        *Boots on the Stairs

        *Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS


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Upon completing the six books listed above, any person interested in being accepted into Robin Jayne Dedeker's Private Tutoring Program for Psychic Development must be interviewed (in person or by phone) by Robin Jayne Dedeker. It is important that any person wishing to be privately tutored in this program be aware of the commitment it requires on an ongoing basis. Only those persons who are serious about developing his or her personal psychic gifts should apply for this program.


Upon acceptance to the Private Tutoring Program for Psychic Development each student will be required to prepay the  sixteen weekly class sessions of individual instruction. There are no refunds and no guarantees that any student will reach his or her goals as the level of expertise a person achieves lies within themselves. Robin Jayne Dedeker can teach you about intuition and psychic abilities; she cannot, however, carry you, push you, or drag you along, your life path. To reach your personal, highest level of psychic development you must be willing to work hard. The personal success of each student will always be measured by his or her ability to apply all that is taught by Robin Jayne Dedeker into the life  path of the student.

Class Cost: $1,500.00 USD (Total cost of entire course)


Class Dates:

Course runs for 16 weeks from date student is accepted.

Class sessions will be held one (1) time per week for a total of 16 weeks.

Length of class sessions will vary, but generally run for two hour increments.

Times & dates will be set to accommodate the student's and the instructor's schedules.


Class Location:

           Most in-person classes are held at:

           627 West 4th Ave.

           Shakopee, MN 55379


Classes are also held by phone, so if a student does not live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Robin Jayne Dedeker can still work with you for this class!


(*Note: Shakopee is easy to get to via major freeways and is generally under 30 minutes drive time from both St. Paul and Minneapolis. This is a private residence with available street parking at no cost. Also, when mapping the location please note that the nearest cross street is "Shumway" and there is a small park across the street.)


All classes must be prepaid. For your convenience payment may be made online using the PayPal link below.


Questions: Call 952-426-4177 or  go to Contact page of this web site.

Anyone interested in learning more about our innate gift of intuition, or understanding psychic abilities, can gain from reading any of Robin Jayne Dedeker's books. To learn more about all of her books,

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