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Looking for that perfect gift for a special child in your life? Why not share the love and enlightenment by giving that child a book by Robin Jayne Dedeker?! Here's her latest publication "Intuitive Children"---the first volume in the ONCE UPON A TIME Storybook Series that the author has written especially for children ages 5 to 11 years of age. By combining the concept of the much loved, old fashioned storybook, with six timeless stories that will teach our children and grandchildren about our innate, intuitive connection to the Universe, the author brings us all into her amazing, intuitive world! Through the stories within this book children will begin to understand how to tap into one's intuitive inner self when faced with a problem. The concept of the amazing mind's eye within us all is also brought to the forefront as each and every one of us receives intuitive messages from the Universe, God, angels, and spirit guides in that way. Children will love the way that each of the six stories draws them in so that he or she can find common ground with the characters. The intuitive insight within animals is also introduced through a delightful story about three charming puppy pals! Much more awaits young readers (and his or her adult reader) through the stories of intuitive children. Get your copy of "Intuitive Children" today! Make the positive choice to help the children in your life to become intuitively aware.


Robin Jayne Dedeker's seventh book:

"Intuitive Children" (ONCE UPON A TIME Storybook Series, Volume 1)

Print version: published August 9, 2014

5" X 8" Paperback

Pages: 140


ISBN-13: 978-1500716691

ISBN-10: 1500716693

Looking for that perfect gift for the special mother-to-be, new mom, or even that amazing busy mother of young children that you know and love?! Why not share the love and enlightenment by giving books by psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker?! Parents of children at any age can gain a greater sense of intuitive clarity about the spiritual challenges that the Universe/God, angels, and spirit guides are helping children of any age to learn and to grow from.


Here's her recent publication for teens through all ages of adults, "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS"---a book that is helping to open the door to better understanding of the unique spirit within each of us! Tap into your Inner Infant, Inner Child, Inner Teenage Self, and Young Adult Self, through the poems and detailed "Intuition Assignments" within Robin's new book.

Robin Jayne Dedeker's sixth book:

Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS

Print version: published June 13, 2014

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 164


ISBN-13: 978-1499614688

ISBN-10: 1499614683

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