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 "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS"

"Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS" is a delightful book that will take its readers on an unusual journey from the womb to young adulthood. Through the use of poetry, gifted psychic medium, and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, has found a way to help her readers to "open up" to his or her Inner Infant, Inner Child, Inner Teenage Self, and Young Adult Self. After each heartfelt poem readers will find a detailed version of Robin's very popular "Intuition Assignments." This unique book packs a whole lot into its pages. It will become a "must have" for any reader who is interested in psychic abilities or intuition. This book makes it easier to get in touch with one's inner self whether a person works to develop his or her intuition by themselves, or with a group of friends! "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS" is the 6th book written, and published, by psychic medium, and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker. Get your copy today!

Robin Jayne Dedeker's sixth book:

Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS

Print version: published June 13, 2014

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 164


ISBN-13: 978-1499614688

iSBN-10: 1499614683

Here are the rest of Robin Jayne Dedeker's books listed in the order of publication date. Robin Jayne Dedeker's books are available for direct purchase through this Web site via Amazon's CreateSpace direct links.To order any book, simply click on the covers or the "Buy Now" links. All of her books are also available for purchase through major online book sellers like Do you prefer to buy your books at a brick and mortar book store? No problem; just ask your favorite book store to order any of Robin Jayne Dedeker's books as they are available worldwide!

A visit from an angel brings news that the body of a missing young man has been recovered, just as Robin's psychic reading for his family members had indicated. A beloved grandfather dies, leaving Robin with no way to say "goodbye" . . . until his spirit stops by to give her a spirit hug! Strong in her own sense of a "mother's intuition" Robin Jayne Dedeker prevents one of her sons from entering a car full of his friends; moments later that car full of teens was hit by a huge dump truck! These and many more true life intuitive and psychic moments are what make this book a "must read!" Moments of Intuition through Life, Love, and Loss was written for the every person among us because we are all born intuitive and connected to the Universe in many ways. Too often we are aware of a strong sense of intuition that tries to guide us yet we have the human tendency to "push it away" . . . why? Robin Jayne Dedeker's ability to live intuitively and to write intuitively allows each of us to gain understanding about those very personal moments of intuition that are meant to carry us through life, through love, and through loss. Robin's work as a psychic medium gives her added advantage in relating to the value of intuition guiding us via spirit connections with angels, spirit guides, and occasionally the spirits of our loved ones. Readers are discovering this book is a thought-provoking, autobiographical, and spiritual look at the intuition within us all, perhaps destined to become an inspirational classic!

Robin Jayne Dedeker's first book:

Moments of Intuition through LIfe, Love, and Loss

Print version: published May 07, 2013

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 268


ISBN-13: 9781484814895

ISBN-10: 1484814894

Have you ever thought about what makes a person truly sexy? Does the Universe know when any person has made the choice to steal what does not belong to him or her? How is it that dogs and humans are able to communicate when they do not speak the same language? These and many other topics fill the pages of "Insights" . . . a book meant to take its readers on an intuitive journey through the introspective musings of psychic author, Robin Jayne Dedeker. As a psychically gifted woman, Robin has learned that to gain insight is to better comprehend the inner nature of all things. We all have our innate intuition but we often forget that we can utilize our intuition as a means of gaining spiritual insight about every situation, event, or person within our life paths. By sharing insightful situations and topics from her personal writings, Robin hopes to encourage others to become more intuitively insightful as they grow in spirit, mind, and body. Every chapter contains an added bonus of an "Intuition Assignment," something Robin's readers are truly enjoying!

Robin Jayne Dedeker's second book:

Insights (Volume one in the Insights book series)

Print version: published May 30, 2013

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 114


ISBN-13: 978-1489518934

ISBN-10: 1489518932

The spirit of a local newspaper reporter makes a connection with Robin Jayne Dedeker and provides details of her murder, just days after her death. Those psychic details were validated at the trial held thirty months later! Many death certificates list the date and time we exit our lives; does our Higher Power have prior knowledge of that information? Psychic information provided to Robin Jayne Dedeker through the death process of her mother-in-law has allowed her to gain true insight into this age-old question. Is there really such a thing as "signs" from the Universe and if so, how can we begin to understand those signs? These are but a few of the stories that readers will find in the pages of this thought provoking book. "Insightful by Design" is the second of three books in the Insights series, written by psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker. Born into our lives as insightful beings we rarely stop to comprehend how often we utilize our innate intuition. From the fresh and unusual perspective of our inner child, to the wisdom of our adult inner self, spiritual insights are available to each of us. Join readers everywhere who are choosing intuitive insight by reading all of Robin Jayne Dedeker's books! Readers are enjoying the fact that each chapter contains an added bonus of an "Intuition Assignment."

Robin Jayne Dedeker's third book:

Insightful by Design (Volume two in the Insights book series)

Print version: published June 14, 2013

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 158


ISBN-13: 978-1490365473

ISBN-10: 1490365478

Have you ever met someone and were left with the feeling that you have just encountered an Earth Angel? Are miracles real and if so, how can a person recognize when a miracle has occurred? How can each of us face our personal sense of "darkness" while allowing our faith, patience, and tenacity to grow strong? "Insights from the Darkness" will take its readers, not on a journey into darkness, but to a greater sense of intuitive spiritual insight. You will think, feel, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear or two as you read this amazing book. Psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, keeps her readers moving forward as she shares her unique perspective on a wide variety of life experiences. Her keen insights will help others to choose the positive Light of the Universe and to heal from his or her personal sense of darkness. Get your copy of "Insights from the Darkness" today! (Insights from the Darkness is the third/final installment in Robin Jayne Dedeker's Insights book series.) Readers are enjoying the added bonus of an "Intuition Assignment" at the end of every chapter!

Robin Jayne Dedeker's fourth book:

Insights from the Darkness (Volume three, final installment, in the Insights book series)

Print version: published June 29, 2013

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 162


ISBN-13: 978-1490483344

ISBN-10: 1490483349

Spirit visits from babies not yet born to spirit visits from those who have died long ago; the messages that Robin Jayne Dedeker receives from any spirit are rich with detail and vibrant with the energy of that particular spirit! How soon can a disabled person's spirit become healed after crossing over? Has Elvis really left the building? These are just a few of the fascinating spirit connections that will leave a reader entertained and enthralled as they read this book. "Boots on the Stairs" is a book filled with incredible detail of spirit connections that psychic medium and author, Robin Jayne Dedeker, has experienced. As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and neighbor, Robin is the perfect choice for the Universe to utilize as a thoughtful and compassionate medium for all spirits to communicate through. Readers will love Robin's willingness and her ability to share some of her amazing spirit connections in this book. "Boots on the Stairs" is Robin's fifth book and one that you will not want to miss! Get your copy of "Boots on the Stairs" today! And pick up a copy for your friends, too, as people will certainly be talking about "Boots on the Stairs!"

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Robin Jayne Dedeker's fifth book:

Boots on the Stairs

Print version: published July 25, 2013

6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 234


ISBN-13: 978-1490919218

iSBN-10: 149091921X

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