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 For more than a decade Robin Jayne Dedeker has been active in her role as a psychic medium. Robin's strong sense of personal intuition has guided her to work with the Universe, angels, and spirit guides in an effort to translate messages that come to her via spirit energy as sights, sounds, feelings, smells, and occasionally, as flavors.

Confused? No reason to stay confused when there is a genuinely compassionate and proven psychic medium like Robin Jayne Dedeker who is available for all of your psychic needs.


Every person has the innate ability to receive whatever information that the Universe, angels, and spirit guides feel is needed for that person's specific life path. Robin Jayne Dedeker refers to that spiritual guidance as our "moments of intuition" and has seen the Earthly proof of the importance of those messages within each of our lives. However, there are times in each person's life when they may become "blocked" and unable to gain access to his or her spiritual guidance. It is often during those times when Robin notices that the Universe, angels, and spirit guides seem to gently guide others to her for a psychic reading.


Why hire a professional psychic to tap into the energy of the Universe on your behalf? Think of a psychic as a person who has worked hard to hone the life skills that allow him or her to act as a translator of spirit energy. Imagine if you only spoke English but needed to travel to a foreign country where another language was spoken. You could try to muddle through on your own but you may feel more comfortable if you hired a confident, professional, translator to assist you during that time. That's what Robin Jayne Dedeker's purpose is as a psychic medium. You are not paying her for the messages that the Universe, angels, and spirit guides are working hard to get to your attention. Instead you are paying her for her expertise as an energy translator who can access, read, and then communicate to you any and all messages that come to her during your very personal psychic reading. And remember, these are messages that, for whatever reasons, YOU have been too blocked to get for yourself.


There are many situations in life where we are perfectly capable of doing all of the work for ourselves such as planting a new tree in our yard or building a new bookshelf for our home. But when any job or task becomes more than we can handle we may find ourselves guided to hire a professional. Be it a professional landscaper, a professional carpenter, or a professional psychic medium, the choice is ours to make when we feel intuitively guided to hire a pro!


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Since the young age of only thirteen years old Robin Jayne Dedeker was shown recurring visions that she would write books someday when she was older, her children would be grown, and her naturally brown hair would become gray. In the miraculous ways of the Universe, of God, all of that has taken place and led to the writing and publication of six books thus far!


As an author Robin Jayne Dedeker strives to educate, enlighten, and to ignite the inner spirit's desire to learn, to heal, and to grow in positive ways. The topics of our innate intuition as well as Robin's psychic abilities are explored through the real-life adventures (and an occasional "misadventure!") of a Midwestern born-and-raised psychically gifted woman. There is no topic that is "off limits" within Robin's books and her psychic work as she has learned through God's guidance that every experience in each of our life paths serves to teach us and to help us grow in spiritual knowledge.


Knowledge is power and with that in mind, author Robin Jayne Dedeker, is passionate about providing her readers with true life stories that range from everyday life challenges to electrifying encounters with spirits of those who have gone on before us! Readers have laughed, they have cried, and they have asked, "When is your next book coming out in print?!"


Robin Jayne Dedeker is currently writing her eighth book, "So Many Milestones (copyright 2015)" which, as far as she is concerned, is another labor of love. Readers can look for that new book in print soon!


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