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 Welcome to the official web site of Psychic Medium & Author,

Robin Jayne Dedeker!

And Robin is proud to announce her first book for children ages 5 to 11 years of age,

"Intuitive Children" (Volume 1 of ONCE UPON A TIME Storybook Series)

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Looking for that perfect gift for someone special? Why not share the love and enlightenment by giving books by Robin Jayne Dedeker?! Here's her latest publication "Finding the Foot-Thumbs: A BOOK OF LIFE POEMS"---a book that is helping to open the door to better understanding of the unique spirit within each of us! Tap into your Inner Infant, Inner Child, Inner Teenage Self, and Young Adult Self, through the poems and detailed "Intuition Assignments" within Robin's new book!

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A  message of hope is what Robin Jayne Dedeker is being guided to share with her loyal clients, readers, family, and friends at this time. That message may not be what most of us are used to hearing throughout the year, no matter if a holiday is approaching or if it is just an ordinary sort of day. But as a psychically gifted woman of the universe, Robin Jayne Dedeker senses a stronger need for discussion about the overwhelming, negative impact that not only"the holidays" can affect in so many of us, our loved ones, our neighbors, and even strangers who we greet, but for many people it is the day-to-day life experiences that can be challenging beyond measure. Join Robin in bringing positive healing to the universe each and every day as she assists the Universe/God, angels, and spirit guides to promote spiritual healing and growth among all!

A  Message of Hope

Most of us try really hard to embrace the traditions of our families and our cultures, not only during the special holidays that we choose to celebrate, but all year long.  Many people are aware that the long holiday season that extends from early November to early January of each year can be extremely overwhelming. Instead of viewing Christmas through the eyes of an excited, happy child, there are people whose perspective on the holidays is much like that of a scared puppy. Instead of looking forward to all that the holidays bring into our lives, some people simply do not trust the energy of a season that seems "bigger than life." Financial issues, illness, family disagreements, and the big one---loss of a loved one---are a few of the major issues that can bring any of us to the point where we would rather crawl into a dark hole and not emerge until the calendar tells us that another holiday season has finally passed us by.


However, the reality is that the same issues that seem overwhelming at the end of any given year will always be the same high stress items that seem to follow us around like a scared little puppy. The date on the calendar in any given year does not give most of us an instant reprieve from the much needed spiritual healing that our inner self requires. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all perfect times to begin your personal process of spiritual healing!


If you are one of the many people who fit that description, why not give yourself the gift of healing? Take the time to schedule a personal Psychic Reading with Robin Jayne Dedeker and allow the Universe/God, angels, spirit guides, and the spirits of our loved ones to bring messages of love, of hope, and of inspiration to Robin on your behalf.


As a highly gifted psychic medium Robin Jayne Dedeker can "see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste" all that the Universe allows her to access during any Psychic Reading. In that way she can also access information about the past, present, and future. She can also help you to gain insight about past lives that may be contributing to some current life issue. Robin's clients have been pleased and amazed at the clarity and the depth of her readings, many expressing the fact that they gained much needed insight that helped them to move forward in their personal healing process.


Psychic Readings can also be fun as Robin Jayne Dedeker will help you to see the lighter side of every spiritual issue that the Universe/God reveals to her on your behalf. And as a mother who has lost a son during the end-of-the-calendar-year holiday season, Robin is one person who truly understands the strong need to heal oneself.


Psychic Readings can be done in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Robin Jayne Dedeker is located in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA. Please call 952-426-4177 to book your personal Psychic Reading today! Cost: $150

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